Bypass Service

Chrome Device Enterprise Enrollment (FRE) Bypass Service


Some device models require more disassembly than others, prices may vary. Bulk discounts are available.

Prices are listed in USD, customer is responsible for shipping to and from facility.

Chromebox (ASUS, Acer, AOpen, HP, etc.): $39.99 each

Chromebook (ASUS, Acer, HP, Samsung, etc.): $59.99 each

Chromebase (Acer, ASUS, AOpen): $49.99 each

The Problem

Chromebooks, or other Chrome devices become unusable due to an enterprise lock which prevents the user from using the device without enrolling it into the original domain's admin console. This may be impossible for second hand devices, or if you have lost access to the admin console to deprovision the device.

A common practice for organizations such as schools or businesses deploying Chrome devices, is to enable the Forced re-enrollment (FRE) device policy in the domain's admin console. Recent changes to Chrome OS have also disabled developer mode if the FRE policy is set, preventing any non-invasive method of removing the Enterprise Enrollment lock from a Chrome device.

The Solution

Currently, the only known permanent method of bypassing this issue, is to update the device firmware with new unique device identifiers. This requires partial or complete disassembly of the Chrome device.

Our Service

We offer the service of updating your Chrome device's firmware with a new unique device identifiers. By using our service, you agree that you rightfully own the Chrome devices that you need repaired. The service will change your device's serial number in software. This will likely void any warranties from your device manufacturer.